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Ship Brokering

SOLMAR-UNIVERSAL TANKER CHATERING is a progressive shipbroker specializing in tanker chartering and transportation of all chemicals, solvents, acids, lubeoils, vegetable oils and other liquid cargoes including gases and time chartering of tonnage. Our clients are major U.S. and foreign oil and chemical companies.

Solmar-Universal provides unequaled service to clients who choose to work with us. We recognize the value in developing strong partnerships with our customers and implementing transportation standards to insure that our charterer's goals of safety, quality, and cost efficiency are achieved.

We are your logistics partner at no extra cost.
As your broker we provide you with Advanced “on-line” Chartering and Logistics Management.

  • Cost-effective negotiation of rates and contract clauses
  • Protection through negotiation of appropriate charter party terms
  • Independent market information and guidance
  • All available tonnage coverage & positions world wide
  • Constant operational follow up & supervision
  • Pre-evaluation of laytime used, evaluation of demurrage claims and disputes
  • Evaluation of dist. & transp. methods to meet customer logistics and objectives
  • Monthly market report reflecting rates, market trends & cargo movements
  • Analyzing voyage performance of your cargo movements
  • Service tailored to your specific needs